Learn Nepalese Language

Learn Nepalese Language

  Hello   Namsate / Namaskar
  Thank you   Dhanyabad
  Lunch   Dinner –Daal Bhat
  Water   Pani
Fruit Phalphul
  Meat   Masu
  Milk   Dudh
 Baby   Nani- Bachha
  Elder brother   Dai
  Younger brother   Bhai
  Elder sister   Didi
  Younger sister   Bahini
  Father   Buba / Baba / Ba
  Mother   Aama
  Drinking water   Khane pani
  Downhill   Oraalo
  Flower   Phool
  Foreigner   Bidesi
  My friend   Mero sathi
  Hill   Pahad
  Cold   chiso
  Hot   tato
  Delicious   mitho
  Good   ramro
  Dirty   phohor
  Long   lamo
  Short   choto
  Inside   Bhitra
  Outside   bahira
  Sweet   guliyo
  Where   kahan
  Which   kun
  Now   ahile
  Morning   bihana
  Early morning   saberai
  Night   rati
  Afternoon   diuso
  No   hoina
  Yes   ho
  Tea   chiya
  Bread   roti / pauroti
  Girl   keti
  Beautiful   ramro
Clean safa
 After   pachi
  To work   kaam garnu
  To eat  Kahnu
  To drink   piunu
  To go   jaanu
  To come   aaunu
  To sit   basnu
  Tree   Rukh
  Snow peak   Himal
  Village   Gaun
  River   Khola
 Medicine Ausadhi
  Sunday   aaitabar
  Monday   somabar
  Tuesday   mangalbar
  Wednesday    budhabar
  Thursday   bihibar
  Friday   sukrabar
  Saturday   sanibar
  Plant   biruwa
  Animal   janawar
  Bird   chara
  Here   yahan
  There   tyahan
  All right   hunchha
  Mountain   Himal
  Lake   tal
  Go slowly   bistarai jane
  Go quickly   chhito jane
  Toilet   charpi
  Alcohol   daru/ raksi
  Let’s rest   aaram garaun
  One day   ek din
  What time is it   kati bajyo?
Are you hungry? Bhok lageko cha?
Please cook food Khana pakaunus
Do you want to rest? Aaram garne ki?
Don’t be late Dhilo nagarnos
I am travelling alone Ma ekklai janchhu
Impossible cannot be done Sakidaina
Where are you coming from? Kahan bata aayeko?
Is the trail very uphill? Bato dherai ukalo chha?
Is the trail very downhill? Bato dherai terso chha?
I love you Ma timilai maya garchu
I like you Malai timi man parcha
Where is the hospital? Hospital kaha chha?
I am sick Ma birami chhu
May I please take a picture of you Tapaiko photo khichau?
What to do? Ke garne ?
I like Nepal Malai Nepal man parcha
You are very beautiful Tapain dherai ramro / (ramri) (for girls) hunuhunchha
What is your name Tapaiko naam k ho?
Please sit down Basnos
Where can I stay? Kahan basne?
Where is the toilet? Charpi/toilet kahan chha?
You cannot stay Baas paindaina
I will eat later Ma pachhi khanchhu
It is tasty Mitho chha
That is enough Pugyo
Altogether, how much? jamma kati bhayo?
This is too expensive Yo jyadai mahango chha
How much per day? Dinko kati?
Do you have warm clothes? Nyano luga chha?
Very well, give it to me La, dinos ta

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